The Boss Show

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Bring Jim & Steve Into Your Workplace

For much longer than they’ve been radio stars, Jim & Steve have been developing leaders.

Let them develop yours.

Caution: Management “training” doesn’t work.
So Jim & Steve don’t train managers.

We offer them a compelling vision of great leadership. Then we coach them, in community, to engage real-work challenges to show up in new and more effective ways. For good. Learn more

What We Offer:

  • PRESENTATIONS: We’re available to speak to your group. We’ll inject our quirky Boss Show humor into presentations on topics from motivation to time management to work/life balance. Learn more
  • ASSESSMENTS: Your managers create the conditions for everyone else’s success—or failure. Shouldn’t you evaluate your leaders’ effectiveness? Our scientifically-validated assessments do so, reliably. They also determine how well job candidates will fit—before hiring them. Learn more
  • COACHING: Elevate your game, as a leader and as a person, with professional coaching—the single most effective way to produce sustainable growth in individuals and organizations. Learn more