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Angry Police Officer Telling Violent Crowd to Stop

Lessons from Michael Brown & Eric Garner

The explosive controversy over the police use of force in minority communities has lessons for the workplace. Jim & Steve explore what’s there for all of us to learn … plus — are “self-managed teams” common in your workplace? If not, maybe they should be … and they likely will be soon. Why? Jim & Steve explore the advantages and the pitfalls.

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Big Boss on Warning Road Sign.

Advice From the CEO

Who knows what it really takes to be a leader?  The CEO – the person  who’s reached the top of the pyramid.  Having a couple dozen CEO’s

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Overworked, Overwhelmed?

In their first show on their brand new platform, Seattle’s KOMO Newsradio, Jim & Steve tackle the controversy over Microsoft CEO Satya

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Human Intelligence and Creativity

Wisdom At Work

We all want to work for wise bosses, but how do you define wisdom?  Jim & Steve chat with Chuck Oden, who’s

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