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the dog ate my homework

Excuses That Horrible Bosses Make

Does your boss make lame excuses? Making excuses is irresponsible in general, but Jim & Steve explore with Boss Show regular Jeff Haden the kinds of excuses that tag your boss as a “horrible boss” … Plus – can you really “Be the CEO of Your Own Destiny”?

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JobPirate cover-cropped

The Job Pirate

He has delivered corpses for a mortuary; he’s been a gay porn editor; he’s written faux Hollywood scripts for a shady screenwriter; he’s been a

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Sleeping at the conference.

Take Back Your Time!

Overworked? Join the club. But why? We think we need more accomplishments and more stuff to be happy. But the research is

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Business person lokking at road with question mark sign

Asking the Right Questions

Great leaders have the right answers; so says conventional wisdom.  Jim & Steve … um … question the emphasis on answers. Great leaders,

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cunning businessman with a makeup of the skeleton

De-Zombifying Your Workplace

Workplaces aren’t designed for humans. Sounds counterintuitive, but once you hear Kim Adams of Triskele Collaborative enlighten Jim & Steve about how workplace

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