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Full-length portrait of two mature businesswomen drinking coffee outdoors, while they are on coffee break.

Are Your Coworkers Your Friends?

The number of Americans who say they have friends at work has been declining for 30 years. But having friends at work is a key indicator of job satisfaction. No wonder so many of us are disengaged. And yet, friendships at work can be minefields, too. It’s complicated. Jim & Steve unravel the complexities for you.

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Businessman holding two papers with happy and angry face each on them

Making Every Day a Good Day

It’s easy to complain about what’s going wrong at work. Easier, somehow, than taking responsibility for doing something about it. The Boss Show

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JobPirate cover-cropped

The Job Pirate

[from the “Best Of the Boss Show” archives] He’s delivered corpses for a mortuary; he’s been a gay porn editor; he’s written faux Hollywood scripts

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Cute 4 months old baby making a funny surprised face

Rediscovering Curiosity

Watch a toddler interact with the world, and it’s obvious: curiosity is hardwired into us from birth. But then it gets beaten

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Whats Your Excuse Concept

How Accountable Are You?

How frustrated do you get when your coworker — or boss — promises but doesn’t follow through? Lack of accountability rips the

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