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Elderly old man using computer sitting at table isolated on grey wall background. Senior people and technology concept

Boomers and Tech – A Love/Hate Affair

Think technology has changed us? Just wait. Tech’s impact in the next 50 years will make the last 50 years’ sea change look like a ripple. Jim & Steve explore the less obvious impacts of the tech explosion on our culture and, quite literally, on how our minds work. It’s not about whether technology is good or bad — it’s about how we adapt …

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The Worst Bosses in Film

Who does your boss remind you of the most — Steve Carell as a totally useless Regional Manager in “The Office”? Meryl Streep’s

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Learn science or chemistry formula confident beautiful South African or African American woman teacher or student chalk blackboard background

The Dearth of Women in STEM

For decades, women have been making gains in the workplace — except in the fields that matter most — the STEM careers (science, technology,

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A determined businesswoman wearing boxing gloves with hands on hips

Body Language Secrets to Success

How you stand, sit, and gesture sends subconscious messages to your coworkers about who you are. Did you know you can make yourself more successful — and

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