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Businessman in Simple Bonus Concept

Employee Bonuses – Good Idea or Not?

It’s that time of year again — no, not the holidays; employee bonus time! If you’ve ever received one, it probably made you happy. But does it really work to motivate people? What are the good reasons for companies to offer bonuses, and what are the bad ones? Jim’s & Steve’s answers might surprise you.

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Big Boss on Warning Road Sign.

Advice From the CEO

Who knows what it really takes to be a leader?  The CEO – the person  who’s reached the top of the pyramid.  Having a couple dozen CEO’s

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Overworked, Overwhelmed?

In their first show on their brand new platform, Seattle’s KOMO Newsradio, Jim & Steve tackle the controversy over Microsoft CEO Satya

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Human Intelligence and Creativity

Wisdom At Work

We all want to work for wise bosses, but how do you define wisdom?  Jim & Steve chat with Chuck Oden, who’s

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automatic business

The Human Workplace

Jim & Steve interview Liz Ryan, one of the most widely read workplace columnists in the world, reaching 30 million readers per

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Spirituality at Work

How would Jesus or the Buddha run your company? Conventional wisdom says spirituality should not infuse the workplace. Jim & Steve disagree

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Find A Mentor – Or Be One

Mentoring, whether formal or informal, is a time-tested and powerful resource for growth. Jim and Steve discuss why and encourage you to

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