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Good and bad

‘Thanks for the Feedback’

You’ve probably been taught how to give effective feedback. You probably don’t do it well anyway. But in an energetic interview with Sheila Heen, co-author of the new groundbreaking book Thanks for the Feedback, Jim & Steve discover it’s not the giving but the receiving that matters. After all, you can lead a horse to feedback …

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Human Intelligence and Creativity

Wisdom At Work

We all want to work for wise bosses, but how do you define wisdom?  Jim & Steve chat with Chuck Oden, who’s

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automatic business

The Human Workplace

Jim & Steve interview Liz Ryan, one of the most widely read workplace columnists in the world, reaching 30 million readers per

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Spirituality at Work

How would Jesus or the Buddha run your company? Conventional wisdom says spirituality should not infuse the workplace. Jim & Steve disagree

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Find A Mentor – Or Be One

Mentoring, whether formal or informal, is a time-tested and powerful resource for growth. Jim and Steve discuss why and encourage you to

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sleepy secretary on her laptop in the workplace on white backgro

Hours vs. Results

The more hours you put into your work the better the results, right? Maybe not.  Jim & Steve explore that notion: is

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Two businessmen fighting

Encouraging Conflict at Work

We’re all afraid of conflict, but workplaces without conflict aren’t healthy — aren’t growing, changing, and adapting.  Jim & Steve explore why

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