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Angry businesswoman looking at tired colleagues sleeping during presentation in office

Meetings From Hell & How to Fix Them

Imagine people actually wanting to attend your company’s meetings. Employee surveys reveal that up to half the time spent in meetings is wasted, and the average manager wastes a full day a week in useless meetings. Steve tells a hilarious meeting horror story, and Jim & Steve offer practical tips for making all your meetings work better.

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Schild 491

How Zappos Got Rid of Bosses

Imagine your company had no bosses, and you had autonomy to do whatever you deemed necessary to get your job done well.  Pipe dream? Well, if you

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Two businessmen fighting

Resolving Workplace Conflict

Interpersonal conflict destroys organizations – by blocking effective decision-making and by eroding job satisfaction. But the healthy disagreement that results from inviting differing perspectives

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Young studen or Businessman with a red clown nose. Studio shot.

Are We Too Casual At Work?

Have we gotten too informal at work? In dress, manners, language? Jim dons his comfortable curmudgeon cloak and argues that we’ve swung the

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JobPirate cover-cropped

The Job Pirate

He has delivered corpses for a mortuary; he’s been a gay porn editor; he’s written faux Hollywood scripts for a shady screenwriter; he’s been a

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