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The Downsides of Productivity, Part 2

In Part 2, Jim and Steve question the unexamined assumptions business holds about productivity and getting things done. Plus, in the noble desire to honor multiple perspectives – especially those typically ignored or suppressed – there’s a trap: Not all perspectives are equal. And believing they are leads to paralysis.

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Deserving the Bosses You Get

Are your bosses products of the people who work for them?  For example, your coworkers who play the victim – don’t they make everyone ELSE into victims, too?

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Introverts and the Open Office

Businesses everywhere are literally tearing down walls, creating ‘open office environments’ to boost collaboration and productivity.  These open formats now characterize 70% of

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The Downsides of Empathy

Although empathy could solve many of the world’s problems – including many issues that show up in the workplace – it has its

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