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Workplace Relationships

Resolving Workplace Conflict

Interpersonal conflict destroys organizations – by blocking effective decision-making and by eroding job satisfaction. But the healthy disagreement that results from inviting differing perspectives

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Is Competition Good or Evil?

Life is about competition. But the fact is, life is also about collaboration.  Even Darwin said so! The Business Guy says you have to be

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Find A Mentor – Or Be One

Mentoring, whether formal or informal, is a time-tested and powerful resource for growth. Jim and Steve discuss why and encourage you to

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Encouraging Conflict at Work

We’re all afraid of conflict, but workplaces without conflict aren’t healthy — aren’t growing, changing, and adapting.  Jim & Steve explore why

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Introverts At Work

Personality style differences can be a source of team strength. But introversion is a tough ‘style’ for extroverts to understand. Introversion expert

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