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Listener Reviews

Every one of the following listener comments was unsolicited:

“The whole concept of your show is just brilliant. Not only is it totally creative, with humor and good content, it’s serving a real need in the community. More people need a space to talk about these things and get advice, or at least get perspective.”  ~J.W., Seattle, WA

“I SERIOUSLY recommend your show to anyone who is or has a boss. Everything you talk about is so relevant and makes me think about my role as a boss and who I want to be and how to be that. Thank you – on so many levels. I will continue to tell everyone I know about it! You guys have great chemistry too, and are really fun to hear together.”  ~A.S., Bellevue, WA

“It’s really cool to see you inventing a whole new genre of radio programming! Seriously, great …”  ~P.M., Seattle, WA

“BRAVO BRAVO BRAVO! My wife urges me to tell you she is interested in the ‘groupie’ contingent forming.  ~D.B., Seattle, WA

“I love the combination of wisdom and irreverence, and best of all, laughed myself silly.”  ~S.S., Algona, WA

“You guys are as bad as my children.”  ~Suzanne Lucas (“Evil HR Lady”), blogger

“Brian [Robertson, interview guest] said that it was a great experience and that you were among the most graceful and professional interviewers he has worked with.” ~ Brian’s assistant

“I was very impressed …. Have you considered pitching NPR or even trying to syndicate? I think it has merit.”  ~R.C., Tukwila, WA

“You and Jim have such good chemistry. You’re respectful but yet playful which adds interest to the program. Your perspectives on the topic and ideas were clearly presented and helpful. What a great service you are providing to present and prospective leaders in any field!”  ~P.S., Lodi, CA

“The energy is great … the positions are well articulated, surprisingly often. You both have a lot of insight to give and it is easy to accept.You have prompted me to fundamentally change my behavior for the better in more than one area.  ~B.G., Seattle, WA